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SpaceGuards logoStory - Spacer

There are 50 planets that have been settled between 2135 and 2200. The Spacer worlds are rich and have low population density. Today, about one billion people in sum live on them.
The Spacers are a technical advanced civilization. There are some differences between the planets, each one of them has it's own culture, habits and customs. But there are much more common elements than differences.
The typical Spacer lives about 300 years. Most of them try to achieve perfection in a niche. This might be a specialization in art or science. They nearly never risk anything because of their long life.
Because the shape of an object is as relevant as it's functionallity in the Spacer society, most of their buildings and ships have curved lines and a organic structure.
The Spacers know, that they are the future of mankind. All other ways are dead ends.

Olympus stationSpaceGuards (SG)

After the battle of Pollux IV, the remaining forces of the Spacer League became the SpaceGuards. This is a paramilitary organisation, that falls under the authority of the Spacer League.
The main mission of the SG is to ensure law and order between the planets of the Spacer League. So, they fight piracy, check freighters for smuggling and patrol strategic points in space.
The headquarter and the central training facility is the space station Olympus in the orbit of Aurora. Every cadet (regardless of which planet he came) have to train here to become a SG member. For pilot cadets, the first training flights are simulated.

Uniform SpaceGuards In the main campaign, you start as a pilot cadet. You will learn to fly a space fighter craft, to engage targets and to command other ships. Some of this missions are some kind of tutorial, you can skip them. Although it's not recommended to do that.
You will fly in several battles for the SG. When you are good, you will make your career in this organisation. (An uniform of a Air Marshal with many medals is shown on the left.)