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Pirates logoStory - Pirates

Most members of the third group aren't pirates in particular. They are the castoffs of the Spacer society. Because of their way to life, they violated laws and/or habits and customs of the other Spacers. So, they left their worlds (and fled sometimes) to places, where they can be free.
So, these people founded colonies in old outpost and bases at the border of the Spacer territory. Most of them can barely survive, because they got no support of the Spacers. Most Spacer worlds even prohibit trading with these people.
As a result, the colonies try to get ressources, where they can. This means smuggling, stealing and piracy. The members of the group Pirates are the only Spacers, that have an open contact to the Terrans. And vice versa, this is the only source of informations about the Spacers of the Terrans.

Briefing system of the PiratesPirates Forces

The Pirates aren't a homogeneous group, they consists of many sub groups, that are often referred to the place they live. Because of that, there isn't a single military organisation of the Pirates. Every sub group has it's own organisation, rules, ships and hierarchy.
The Pirates often use old technology of the Spacers. So, in their forces are often Spacer ships of the last generation seen. Sometimes, the Pirates trade goods from the Terrans. Therefore, also Terran technology can be found at the Pirates.
The bases of the Pirates are very poor in the most cases. So, defect stuff is rather repaired than replaced.

Uniform Pirates Will also join a Pirate group in the main campaign. You have to get ressources for your group and protect the civilians.
This isn't always easy, because you may have to do morally corrupt actions, to ensure the survival of your group.
You will fly a short time for them. But even here, you can earn some medals. (An uniform of the Pirates with some medals is shown on the left.)