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Help wanted
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Help wanted

I did much work on the game, but it's still not finished. There are several jobs to do and I can't do them by myself. So, it's your turn...
If you want to help, please send me an email...

Creating missions and campaigns

The game is just as good as it's content. So, if you have any good ideas for missions or machinimas, you are welcome to realize them.
Missions and movies are simple XML files, that are interpreted by the game engine. You just need a text editor to create them. Have a look at the documentation for details.
Please note: There is an editor in the game, but it's not finished yet. Creating some basics, the briefing and the debriefing works fine. For the other stuff, you have to work with the XML.

Creating content for the Freelancer campaign

Here is a lot to do. You may want to create templates for missions, AI sets for wingmen or text modules for stations/freighters/militia. Or, if you want the big point: Work with me on the main story.

Objects and textures

The objects and textures should look better. But I'm not very talented in arts.
Maybe you are a designer, that creates great space ships with low polygon count. Your objects could improve Space Combat!

Exception trace or dump function

I have some (well hidden) bugs in the code. Sorry...
When the game crashes, it would be nice to get a stack trace, where it happened. I tried to implement something, but it never worked. The difficult part of this job is to get a solution, that works in Linux as well as Windows.
Even better would be a error handling, that creates some kind of dump, that can be analyzed later with a gdb. In this case, the developer (me) would be able to see the values of variables AND the stack.

Better explosions

The smaller explosions are ok, but there are big explosions that look crappy. When a ship with an explosive load or a hyperspace mine explodes, a big explosion is shown. This explosion have to be volumic, a simple billboard sprite don't work. I had a look at some tutorials in the internet (with particle effects), but never had time and was in the mood to implement something.

Planetary settings

There are some functions for planetary settings in the engine already (create an instant mission in the main menu and use 'city' as area). There is a lot more possible. I found no sollution for flying seamless from open space to a planets surface. Maybe you have the right idea and are able to implement it.


This is one of the biggest points. The Editor works well for some basic settings (like info text), the briefings and the debriefings. The mission creation itself is nearly not implemented. You can set the Editor to PlayMode and see how your scripting works.
There should be a mode to set up all objects (type, options, position ...) of a area. Then we need a mode to create the mission script. And finally, there should be a mode for developing new AI sets.
Well, this is much work to do...