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Sceenshot 001Welcome to SpaceCombat!

SpaceCombat is an open source PC game. It's a single player space simulation. Similar (commercial) games were TIE Fighter and Freespace. When you liked these games, you will love SpaceCombat.

Note, that it's recommended to play the game with a joystick.

The game itself is published under the GNU GPLv3. So, you may download, publish and modify the game. But, every time you do it, the result also have to be under the GNU GPLv3 (or a later one). There are some included libraries as well as some musics, that come with it's own licence. Have a look at this file, when you want to know the details.

I did a lot of work for this game, but there is still much to do. When you want to help, please look at the Help wanted page.

Sceenshot 002 When you want to create own missions/campaigns/AI set, you should look at the documentation. This game has a powerful scrip system implemented. So, you can create missions with a complex story. The same system is used for the artifical intelligence (AI) of all other ships.

When you play the game and you find any bugs, please report them in the bug tracker. Enter the version of the game and what you did before, so I'm able to reproduce the bug. Then, I'll try fix it as soon as possible.

Finally, if you have any comments, enhancement ideas or other things to say, please enter them in our forum.